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Self Storage Help IN BRUNSWICK, GA

  • Planning out your move is important. Planning the storage unit out is even more important. Place the items that you may need to access more often towards the front. Also, plan for walkways.
  • To remember what you placed in storage, take an inventory of your items and keep it in a safe place at home or in a safe deposit box.

  • Concrete floors can, at times, become cold and damp. Protect your items by placing them on 2’x4’ boards or pallets.

  • CAUTION! Never store anything flammable or combustible such as paint thinner, gasoline, solvents, paint, etc.

  • Using the same size boxes makes stacking easier. Make sure your boxes are strong enough to hold 25-30 pounds. Try not to overload each box, but fill them to avoid crushing. Stack them all the way to the ceiling to make the most of your space.

  • Write the contents of each box on all four sides. Number each box and seal with packing tape.

  • Stack lighter boxes on top and heavier ones towards the bottom.

  • Dishes and glasses should be wrapped in paper and packed in sturdy boxes. Always stack them on top.

  • Pictures and mirrors should be wrapped in cardboard and marked "FRAGILE" and stored end-on-end.

  • Take advantage of all available space. Furniture with drawers can be used to store smaller items, while larger appliances make excellent storage for blankets, towels, and clothes.

  • Empty trash cans make excellent storage for shovels, hoes, rakes, etc. Stack extra cans inside each other.

  • Disassemble tables with removable legs to save space.

  • Sofas and love seats can be placed on end to help save floor space. Make sure to place a sofa on a protective cover first. Also, we recommend wrapping the cushions in plastic and placing them on top.

  • Cover stuffed furniture with cardboard or blankets to protect against dust.

  • Mattresses stored on their side need to be stood in a way so that they are kept straight. Over time they may tend to bend out of shape and become lumpy.

  • Do not store heavy or sharp objects on top of upholstered furniture.

  • No food or food items should be stored. If absolutely necessary, food should be sealed in a plastic zip lock bag and then placed within another plastic bag.

  • Lastly, always place a good quality lock, such as a cylinder lock, on your unit door.

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